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Feelings, Thoughts and Visions

By : Calvin Mark Smith


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In the Studio

Calvin Mark Smith

Calvin Mark Smith is the co-owner and operator of SmithWorks Music, a music publishing company started with the intent to distribute music composed, recorded and performed by various local musicians and entertainers based in the New England area. A SESAC-affiliated publisher and writer, Calvin is a native New Englander who has always been involved in some aspect of music throughout his life. While primarily a drummer and percussionist, he has broadened his musical ability to encompass his goals of composition, production and ultimately, distribution. While not a formally trained musician, Calvin's grasp of music stems from a natural affinity and makes his sound almost organic in the feel of it. Pretentious? Yes, but just listen to his music and you may just find yourself tapping your feet. Calvin resides in Massachusetts with his wife, Minerva and their children.